My thoughts on my MEPs

I wrote a letter to my MEPs recently as I was concerned that as we approach a referendum our position in Europe was seen largely from a negative viewpoint, a drain on resources and something that the main parties used to score political points off each other.

I noted (in a comment) that I have 6 MEPs representing me in the South West:

Ashley Fox (Conservative)
Clare Moody (Labour)
William (The Earl of) Dartmouth (UKIP)
Julie Girling (Conservative)
Julia Reid (UKIP)
Molly Scott Cato (Green)

I also wrote to my MP, Mel Stride on the subject.

Since those letters I have received replies from Fox, Moody, Girling and Scott Cato as well as Mel Stride but I see the lack of response from either UKIP MEP as quite frankly disappointing. Whether or not one believes it’s hypocritical to stand as an MEP on an anti-EU ticket, surely if they are taking the salary and expenses they should fulfill their responsibilities and engage and represent their constituents.

To take a the salary and to not attend, to disparage, to undermine while smirking and passing it off as a political statement is dishonest and quite honestly I see them as taking money under false pretenses. UKIP MEP’s salaries are the biggest waste of EU money by far.

William (The Earl of) Dartmouth and Julia Reid, pull your bloody fingers out, do your jobs or stand down.


TO BE SOMEONE (aka you gotta prole a bit)

this is a nice piece by Si “Frump Tarn” (read with Barnsley accent). Read and share!



i am working class. proud to be so.

i vote Labour. always have.

been employed 27 years by the same company.

i took my dads advice and joined the union straight away.

i have even been a union rep.

like many more i rejoined the Labour party the morning after the last general election after a 15 or so year lapse.

i HATE folks that think its a fashion statement to be/do any of the above.

i DO believe it is possible to be successful and adhere to socialist principles. income doesn’t decide decency and beliefs. it is where you are from, not where you are at. but people playing with such things winds me up no end.

i was going to tell tales of a certain individual’s comments here, relay you some of his toe curling quotes as he tries to prove that he is a man of the…

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