A letter to my MEP about the resolution on the ivory trade 

A while ago I wrote to my MP and MEPs about the impending referendum on EU membership.

Today I have written again to one of my MEPs, William (Lord of) Dartmouth after he voted against a resolution on the banning of wildlife products, notably ivory.

At the time I noted that while some were active and took the role seriously, some – and in particular the UKIP representatives – did not seem as engaged as I work expect of someone representing me and being paid to do so:

To take a the salary and to not attend, to disparage, to undermine while smirking and passing it off as a political statement is dishonest and quite honestly I see them as taking money under false pretenses. UKIP MEPs’ salaries are the biggest waste of EU money by far.

I believe that was this was a fair reflection to make given the lack of replies to my letter and also the records of these MEPs while in role.

Today I believe that voting against the wildlife trade resolution was disgraceful; that the Ivory trade is a dirty, disgusting business and that UKIP have (again) sadly underestimated public opinion.

Another nail in their coffin? One can only hope.

Letter is as follows:

Monday 11 January 2016

Dear William (The Lord of) Dartmouth,

As a resident of Devon I am writing to you to ask why you might have voted against the recent resolution on the trade of wildlife products in the European Parliament. This resolution of would also have seen stockpiles of Ivory destroyed and give a clear message that the trade of such products and the hunting of endangered species should not be tolerated.

Maybe UKIP believes that such a resolution strengthens the EU and you vote on principle against everything tabled but surely your role is to represent your constituents not your party?

Thankfully the majority of MEPs voted in favour but this just makes your ‘no’ vote stand out more and that is something I find embarrassing as you and your colleagues are representing us and our country.

If i have misunderstood the vote or your thinking on it then please let me know but as it stands I believe you have made a big mistake in voting this way.

Yours sincerely,
Rich Mills


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