about me

What to write here? I’m an exiled Northerner living in Devon and I get a little tetchy about politics and the party system. I’ve written elsewhere, most recently at the apolitical blog www.weaskthequestions.co.uk but I have decided I need somewhere to spew my inane ramblings and other stuff that doesn’t quite fit at WATQs.

My interest in politics stems from a frustration at inequalities in our society and also that many do not see politics as something which affects them or that they can influence in any way. I don’t believe I have any right to complain about anything unless I vote and hold my MP and other elected representatives to account.

Starting Monday 18th May I aim to regularly write to my MP, Mel Stride (Conservative, Central Devon) about anything I believe he needs to know about. I’ll publish the letters here and also any correspondence I receive by reply. I could write direct to Mel either by his direct email address or his address at the House of Commons but instead I’ll be doing it through the wonderful https://www.writetothem.com/ website. Check it out and use it – find out who represents you and what they are doing with their mandate.

I’ll post everything Football and Grimsby related over at a blog I just created for that – Keep Us Shape


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